Battipav – Prime 85S / 100S / 120S / 150S

Laser beam facilitates accurate cutting
Italian made industrial bench saw, very suitable for all hard material and large format tiles
Legs slide up and wheels detach for storage and easy transportation
Sliding cutting head tilts for mitering
Heavy duty water pump
Multiple-cut pulley system

Bore Diameter: 25mm

Cutting Depth: 180mm

Blade Diameter: 350mm

Motor W/HP: 2000/2.6

Voltage V: 110

Also Available:

600×800 extension table with rollers for Battipav Prime tile saws.

600×500 extension table for Battipav Prime tile saws

Product Codes: 6884, 6885, 6886, 6881, 6873, 6891 and 6892

Additional information

Battipav - Prime 85S / 100S / 120S / 150S

Prime 85S – Cutting Length 850mm – Weight 85kg, Prime 100S – Cutting Length 1000mm – Weight 88kg, Prime 120S – Cutting Length 1200mm – Weight 91kg, Prime 150S – Cutting Length 1500mm – Weight 97kg, Prime 200S – Cutting Length 2000mm – Weight 103kg